How to Handle Last Minute Schedule Changes

I have a webinar in 10 days and just received a message from my expert guest speaker telling me that his flight back to the United States got moved to the day of our webinar. The webinar is part of an anchor series that we’ve been planning and working on for months. We have heavily promoted the discussion with this speaker and have brought in many registrants. From my perspective, I have 2 options:

  1. Reschedule the webinar, which could lead to further conflicts with other upcoming webcasts we have planned.

  2. Pre-record the discussion and broadcast it live on the originally scheduled day. My plan would be to come up on camera live and explain that we had a travel conflict, but we were able to meet early and have the discussion. Then play the recording and answer questions live from the audience in the chat while they watch.

We’ve never had to reschedule a webinar before, so any webinerd wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


@justin.2, I think option 2 is preferable. In fact, some of our customers would host webinars as a simulive in which presentations are pre-recorded ahead of time. Q&A would be conducted live with presenters.

@justin.2, I also agree option 2 seems to be the most logical solution and the one I’d go with if I were in that position. I hope it goes smoothly!

I would go with option 2.

I would have a live host who would intro the video, I personally wouldn’t even explain it unless you have had a huge push on the fact that they would be live - you aren’t aiming to lie or deceive but you might be seeing an issue where your attendees wouldn’t. We do a mix of host and pre recorded video in this way and it has worked well for us.

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